Top 5 Recent Anime You Should Watch Right Now

This season had some of the best anime aired. Today we are going to look into top 5 anime you should watch now.

01. Seven Deadly Sins Season 2

This season had some amazing fights. The story progressed a lot. There was a lot of drama and some very emotional scenes. This season features a man who goes by the name of Escanor. And this man might be the most badass character in anime history.

02. Black Clover

This anime aired last year and it’s still going on. It has a very interesting story and a unique concept. This anime has great fight scenes and it’s very funny as well. It has a kind of naruto-ish vibe.

03. My Hero Academia Season 3

This anime aired just a little while ago. And it’s everything one might expect from my hero Academia franchise. This anime had one of the best fights of this year.

04. Darling in the Franxx

This anime seriously hits you in the feels. The story is great and very unique. Fight scenes are awesome. It does have many romantic scenes, lot of drama and action.

05. Tada Never Falls in Love

A sweet romantic comedy story. It has great comedy and story is very interesting. It has a feel-good vibe. The animation is great.

Honourable Mentions:-

*Megalo Box

*Devilman Crybaby

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